Museum of Mathematics, New York, NY

This summer has been anything but boring (which somewhat explains why my blog has been utterly abandoned lately).  Thus far I have:

* Spent a week in Disney World with my husband and son

* Attended and presented at iPadpalooza, Austin, TX

* Visited family and friends across the state of Pennsylvania (my home state) for two weeks

…and the subject of this blog post…

* Visited the Museum of Mathematics in New York City!

Screen Shot 2013-07-11 at 4.07.08 PM

My husband and I took a day trip into the city, leaving our son with all four of his grandparents for the day (a rare occasion indeed).  Tim and I met in our college years (inevitably, being two of the few Secondary Education / Mathematics majors at Clarion University in the late 90s) and though this museum visit was hubby’s treat to me, I think it’s safe to say we both felt right at home exploring the unique hands-on exhibits for hours!  All of New York to roam with babysitting firmly in tact, and we dedicated the majority of our day to MOMATH!

Some highlights that truly impressed me:

* Exhibits were designed to be manipulated, with most providing a touch-screen explanation of the task that could be instantly modified for beginners, intermediates, or experts.  Participants of all ages could explore the mathematics to the depth of their own choosing.

* The staff was knowledgable and willing to explain and help as little or as much as we wanted.  They let us explore puzzles and such with patience and perseverance, always willing to lend a hint, but only at our request.

* Folks were having fun!  Yes, a museum about math brought true enjoyment and curiosity to the visitors.  I wish I could take my students there for a field trip!

I’d recommend experiencing the museum first-hand if you’re ever in the Big Apple.  Here’s a quick video montage of some of our favorite momath moments:

Screen Shot 2013-07-11 at 4.30.28 PM

Check out what others are saying about the Museum of Mathematics:

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P.S. I love the way the museum labels its levels!


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  1. Beth Buck says:

    Thanks for posting this, visiting NYC with the family in July on vacation (from North Carolina) and we are looking forward to checking out MoMath during our visit.

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