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Nearpod “Best Practices” For Math Class

…iences and tips will help as you Nearpod in the New Year! Yes, I just used Nearpod as a verb. Nearpod ≠ PowerPoint It’s tempting to just refresh those digital presentations you might already have by dumping them into Nearpod. This idea in and of itself isn’t a bad one, but if there are more static slides than opportunities for student input, your Nearpod may fall flat. I’ve had success in limiting the number of “static” slides in a NPP and adding… Continue reading

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Nearpod “Best Practices” For Math Class v2.0

…“interesting” work samples as “Draw It” background images, creating a new Nearpod experience. Launching this Nearpod work-sample showcase as a “warm-up” the next day, I ask students to “grade” the work they see by providing written, constructive feedback. Not only do we have “interesting” authentic and anonymous work samples, we have students’ thoughts and feedback ABOUT these work samples to talk about. As I share in this post… It’s one thing to… Continue reading

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How to Use Socrative or Nearpod “On the Fly”

…call it NEW TOPIC? or OLD TOPIC? Slide 2: Students enter their names, per Nearpod. Thank You, Nearpod. Slide 3: Student Poll I love asking students to rate their own level of understanding, and then see if their self-rating matches the work and/or explanation they give. A Nearpod Poll gives a quick snapshot to the teacher, and is always fun for the students to see. Unfortunately, to anonymously show Nearpod poll results, I must place my iPad unde… Continue reading

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Nearpod App: First Experiences

…’d venture to say that’s the way my own students felt when I started using Nearpod in my classroom last week. Nearpod is a presentation power-trip! A teacher can convert a presentation like PowerPoint or Keynote to a PDF, upload it to Nearpod, then “show” the presentation, one slide at a time, to a class of students. Each student’s iPad matches the teacher’s iPad throughout the experience, and only the teacher can control transitions from one slid… Continue reading

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Nearpod, I Think I Love You

…f the presentations as PDFs, uploaded the sections of each presentation to Nearpod, then inserted Nearpod’s interactive tools between the “chunks” of slides to keep students engaged and accountable. Meanwhile, these interactive elements kept me informed during instruction in real-time regarding who was “getting it” and who might be lost. For my pre-algebra students, I used Nearpod to present “dilations” of 2-D figures. The slides-gone-PDF supplied… Continue reading

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So Simple – Get Every Kid “To The Board” With Nearpod

…ool in Nearpod:   Slide 3 – Generic “Any Questions?” PDF slide required by Nearpod (the last slide in a Nearpod presentation can’t be an interactive feature). I chose 3 “meaty” problems from last night’s homework (multiplying polynomials) and assigned one problem to each row of students. I asked them to use specific ink colors so I could scan through the problems quickly from the teacher view on my iPad (problem #3 was done in red, problem #10 was… Continue reading

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Free Your Mind… and the Tech May Follow

…(where I could take full-advantage of the Overlay feature without leaving Nearpod… it’s like magic folks.) Grab this Nearpod lesson. Launch it for students and share the Nearpod PIN with them. When students get to the Desmos part, they’ll need you to generate a Desmos class code. If you Start a New Session using this link, then share the Desmos class code with them, they’ll be able to do the Desmos activity right in Nearpod, and you’ll be able to… Continue reading

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Functions – Nearpod Learning Check

…tion) with your students. Clicking on the image below will take you to the Nearpod login screen. Once you log in, Nearpod will let you know I’ve shared a NPP with you. Say you’d like to accept it and it’s yours to use. Feedback welcome! Follow-up: Thanks to Susan Oxnevad for mentioning my “What is a Function?” ThingLink on the ThingLink Blog. Did you know that Tackk and ThingLink play nicely together? Click below to check it out! Here’s a glimpse… Continue reading

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Desmos, Nearpod, ThingLink, and the Kitchen Sink

…bling a silky smooth workflow for students to share their graphs. Within a Nearpod lesson, students are taken directly to the specific Desmos link. They do their thing, and take a screenshot. Next, providing students with an empty “Draw” slide in the Nearpod lesson gives them a place to submit their screenshots. Finally, screenshots can be shared anonymously to students’ screens, or the teacher can showcase them at the front of the room for compar… Continue reading

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Critter Patterns

…integrate a prepared Desmos calculator slide at just the right time in the Nearpod lesson (this Desmos-Shows-Up-In-A-Nearpod gig amazes students every. single. time.) Overall, the Nearpod lesson slowed students down to examine and draw the patterns out, and sharing student drawings at the front of the class was effective and immediately enjoyable. So many different ways to see the same thing! That’s not to say that Desmos wasn’t effective – it was… Continue reading

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