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Socrative and My Students Have a Love/Hate Relationship

…valid points. Am I asking too much, or would my students’ suggestions make Socrative a better tool for the masses? Am I misusing Socrative? Is this tool *only* meant for formative assessment that “doesn’t count”? Next week, my warm-ups quiz will be given through our online gradebook program, called Skyward. I can still present a quick online multiple-choice quiz to my students to take on their iPads, but they can scan their answers and press “subm… Continue reading

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Socrative and Slope-Intercept Form

…to their equations stemming from our discussions along the way. I can’t overstate the impact that making student thinking visible using simple, free tech tools like Socrative can have on student discourse. How are you using Socrative in the classroom?     Save Save Tweet… Continue reading

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How Socrative Changed My Warm-Ups

…Students are allowed to use their warm-ups papers as they take the quiz on Socrative, and my goal is never to trick them. I keep my promise every week that the 3 problems are different, but are related to the warm-ups. Even with all of these supports in place, the classroom during the Socrative warm-ups quiz is intense! They are SO CAREFUL to touch the correct answer choice, because they know there is no recourse if they touch the wrong thing. ***… Continue reading

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Using Socrative for… You Guessed it… Socratic Questioning

…THAT percentage. And just for good measure, I asked once more. No Pythagorean Triple this time. No guiding questions. Just find the distance. Much more meaningful than a lesson spoiler! If you would like to use this Socrative resource, here’s the link: What other math concepts do you think lend themselves to Socratic Questioning rather than spoiling-by-telling? Tweet… Continue reading

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How to Use Socrative or Nearpod “On the Fly”

…lide, per Nearpod   Socrative is another formative assessment favorite! 2. Socrative “On the Fly” Socrative is great for gauging how students did on their homework as well. If all you’d like to know, as the teacher, is whether students are in agreement about their answers to specific problems, but you aren’t picky about knowing which specific students provided the answers, this may be your best bet for a quick homework check. 1. The teacher logs i… Continue reading

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An Unintended “Perk”: iPads + Socrative = “The Best Review” For Exams

…y warm-up routine. This increased accountability through 3-question weekly Socrative warm-up quizzes has been an efficient and informative way to complete a cumulative review in bite-sized chunks… but never did I consider how helpful having all of those “quizzes” would be right before semester exams! Over the weekend, students organized their (physical, paper) warm-ups sheets from the past quarter and brought them to class today. After a short Q &… Continue reading

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Pre-Assessing, Reviewing AND Teaching Using Socrative

…within the quiz itself served as a review lesson. However, using iPads and Socrative to deliver the content, the desire to succeed and get an attractive class bar graph made the experience more like a game than a lecture. Judging from our color-coded data reports, we didn’t have it all together the first time through. It’s interesting to stack both data reports and note the similarly pink (A.K.A wrong) questions. At a glance, I’d say we have quite… Continue reading

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Socrative: Instant Feedback Homework Check

…een stripe (you’re right!) rather than the dreaded red one (you’re wrong!) Socrative gives feedback for each question immediately after students choose their response. One young man nearly fell out of his desk in celebration as he chose the correct solution time and again… fists in the air, celebrating each small victory. At the end of the quiz, I included two short-answer questions to the tune of… how do you think you did on this quiz? And, do yo… Continue reading

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TRUE or FALSE? Independent Events… and Socrative

…” Me: Number 2… TRUE or FALSE?”… and so on. Students made their choices in Socrative on their iPads. I didn’t reveal the “correct” answer to any questions along the way… I just paced it to give a sense of don’t-dilly-dally… make a gut-instinct choice and let’s move on… They were quite anxious to find out how they “did” on this “quiz” ! Before I revealed the class results, we worked through the probability of getting a “perfect paper” on the board…… Continue reading

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Reflect and Share: Workflow

…e class periods is a challenging task… and creating unit assessments using Socrative Pro makes things a bit more feasible. I also like that questions can be scrambled, and answer choices can be scrambled, to encourage the “integrity factor”. 🙂 And just like Classes in Desmos Activity Builder, Socrative Pro permits that oh-so-valuable class roster for each class testing room, so the teacher can see at-a-glance who has and has not logged in to the a… Continue reading

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