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5 Ways to Get Your Feet Wet With 1-to-1 iPads

…When the quiz is complete, click Save. Have students download the student Socrative app before your first class quiz. The day of your first quiz, students open the app and type in the teacher’s Socrative room number. The teacher chooses Start Quiz. Select the quiz you want to administer from the saved quiz drop-down menu. Students will type in their own names at the start of the quiz. Want to motivate and excite students? Project the quiz from yo… Continue reading

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…hef4u: Student Workflow in the iClassroom I Am a Witness to Perplexity How Socrative Changed My Warm-Ups Nearpod, I Think I Love You Happy 12-12-12 ! iPad Visit: Teacher Panel Video An Unintended “Perk”: iPads + Socrative = “The Best Review” For Exams Festive Fractivities: An Annual Tradition! Methinks I Like ..thinglink.. Why Frustrate? Nearpod Helped Make a Good Question Better A Great (iPad-Friendly) Freebie for Skill Practice & F… Continue reading

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The Weeks Keep Flying By…

…their names aren’t attached to their work) to correct misconceptions. With Socrative automatically-generated codes, “quizzes” are really easy to share. Try this one on solutions to inequalities in one variable. The “quiz” (which I used as a teacher-paced warm-up/discussion starter in class) takes advantage of the feature that allows more than one answer in a multiple-choice prompt to be correct. Go to and import this quiz for ideas,… Continue reading

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The Blame Game

…t is *GASP* graded. Earlier this year, I could agree with my students when Socrative was used for graded assessments. It IS very easy to accidentally press the wrong answer choice on a touch-sensitive iPad screen. Though I asked students to be careful and intentional about selecting their answer choices, I didn’t like the anxiety it caused them to have no recourse if they made a mistake. So, I investigated other options and have been using ThatQui… Continue reading

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…heet into the 21st century by converting it to a 10-question True or False Socrative “quiz” for my students to try today. I projected the teacher view on my Smartboard while students used their iPads to weigh in on this 10 question “Teacher-Paced Quiz” in real time. It rocked. Watching the bar graph move and dance around as each student answered the question was just plain neat-o. The mini-teaching I did between questions dispelled misconceptions…. Continue reading

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Free Your Mind… and the Tech May Follow

…lming. We don’t have time. We open a blank Nearpod/Desmos Activity Builder/Socrative quiz, stare at the screen, and close it back up. Maybe we start creating a “lesson” and get frustrated, or think it’s not “good enough” so we drop it. The saddest part about when this happens is *not* that folks aren’t “integrating technology”. Rather, it’s about a missed opportunity to examine student thinking. To give them a voice during instruction. To see thei… Continue reading

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MS Sunday Funday – Grading (or not grading) Homework…? That is the question!

…ither ask for answers verbally, display the answer key, or use a tool like Socrative or Nearpod to spot-check specific problems. Generally, questions are minimal after a “huddle” since students help one another talk through and correct errors or misconceptions. This process helps me know if I need to do a little reteaching before moving forward as well. To put the homework “grades” in perspective, my current district chooses to weight homework as… Continue reading

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How do you make student thinking visible?

… — Cathy Yenca  (@mathycathy) December 10, 2015 Use Socrative in “teacher-paced” mode to closely examine one question at a time, and student responses to the question, while including students in the process. (Blog post at NCTM’S MTMS “Blogarithm” coming soon – will link back!) Use Socrative in “student-paced” mode to look for trends in incorrect answers. Why did so many students miss such-and-such question? What was the mis… Continue reading

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I Love When That Happens

…t… After our daily “homework huddle”, I told the students I had prepared a Socrative quiz for them. If they did well, I’d introduce them to a new app. If they didn’t do well, the worksheet would reign! Today, I chose to “Hide Live Results” for the 8 question teacher-paced Socrative quiz, until every student weighed in. Oh, the pressure! I watched students toil and squirm before covering their eyes to touch their iPad screens, in hopes they had cho… Continue reading

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STAAR “Boot Camp” Standardized Test Prep With iPads!

…nt has an iPad, we’ve conducted live-data daily homework spot-checks using Socrative as well as individual quizzes using We used a TAKS Prep workbook as our resource for practice problems. Our daily agenda has been: Objective 1: Numbers & Operations problem set (only had half the period to explain that we were beginning “STAAR Boot Camp” so Day 1 was cut short with no test-taking strategy “mission”. We did, however, play loud militar… Continue reading

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