Summer of 2015 Summary

IMG_2019Non-boring summers are my favorite, and this summer has been anything but boring.

We bought a fixer-upper closer into town and have been attempting to fix it up (or hire good people to help with that process… things have not always gone as planned on that one *ahem*.  I’ll save the contractor woes for other online forums and venues, don’t you worry…!)  iPadpalooza #iplza15 in Austin in our very own Eanes ISD kicked off the summer with a punch of PD. Travel to Philadelphia and Pittsburgh to visit family and co-present with @mryenca, @techgirljenny, and @sjgorman at ISTE #ISTE2015 was a blast.  Vacationing in Orlando and having the famous Harry Potter butter beer did not disappoint.  Presenting at iPadpalooza South Texas #iplzaSTX in McAllen ISD and vacationing on South Padre Island further provided that perfect balance of PD tech-geeking and milking summer vacation.  Life is good.

As I enjoy the view of the south Texas beach from my balcony, breathing in the salty sea air, I thought I’d post all the materials from the sessions I presented and co-presented at summer conferences this year.  If you’ve never visited this blog before, this chunk of resources summarizes much of what’s been happening in my 1:1 iPad middle school math classroom, and hopefully empowers you to try something new in the 2015-16 school year.  If you have been kind enough to visit this blog before (thank you!) you still may find this post to be a nice one-stop shop of ideas.  Click on each image below to access each jam-packed Smore or Tackk.

May these dog-days of August provide you with rest and refreshment as you gear up for a new year and a new batch of kiddos!

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 10.00.36 AM Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 10.00.22 AM Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 10.00.07 AM Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 10.00.54 AM Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 9.59.58 AM Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 10.01.08 AM

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