Chief ThingLinker Stepping Down

Screen Shot 2014-03-01 at 10.11.46 PMThat’s right.  I’m finally ready to step down from my ThingLink throne and pass the torch. Or something.  What I’m trying to say is… I’ve been doing this iPad thing for a bit.  *I* create the Nearpods… *I* create the Socrative assessments… *I* create the ThingLinks… and it’s time to get my students more involved in creating content.

My first step will be to assign a ThingLink task.  Now that ThingLink has provided a platform for tracking student accounts, I’m ready to take the leap.

I pondered creating a rubric, but since this is the first time my students are creating a math ThingLink, I figure this is more of an instructional and ed-tech ice-breaker.  I’ll use what we all learn from this experience to create a rubric later.

Here’s the write-up I’d planned to share with my students.  Have you asked students to create ThingLinks?  Are you a master at writing rubrics?  Feedback and insight are welcome! 🙂

Here’s a follow-up post with student work samples – enjoy!

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