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  1. Kevin Kenny says:

    Last summer I wrote to thank you for your work . A yr. later I continue to be a fan & thank for helping me become a better teacher. Your work helps inspire my students and makes me look good. Thx for all you do.
    While in Vegas met Lisa Johnson & made certain to tell her I’m a fan of mathycathy. Thx again.

  2. Walter Clinton says:

    Cathy, have you heard whether there has been any progress on correlating Desmos activities with TEKS?

  3. Amery McIntosh says:

    What does your district do with technology to have students only use the desmos testing app on STAAR? (For test security). I would love for my district to use it but need data/info!!

  4. Lynne Bullock says:

    Which version of Algebra I EOC – paper or online – did your students take?

  5. Rich Moran says:

    Hi Cathy,
    I just reviewed your nearpod covering (Florida) MAFS.912.A-SSE.1.1.a
    Interpret parts of an expression, such as terms, factors, and coefficients.


  6. Scott Jennings says:

    Pet House Linear Project-how many days did you give your students for this?

    BTW, thanks for all your work and insight.


    • Cathy Yenca says:

      Hi Scott!

      Thanks for your question and kind comment! Generally, I’ve given students 5 days for this project. In past school years, the 5 days included 5 math class periods so students could collaborate, and I could showcase their progress by projecting my teacher dashboard. During COVID, I assigned the project on a Thursday, and it was due by the end of class the following Monday – still 5 days overall, but a little less opportunity to collaborate in-person because of social distancing, some students on Zoom and some in-person, etc. I hope that helps!

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