isn’t fancy, but it might meet your needs. Bonus: It’s FREE.

Greetings! Though blogging as a means to reflect and share seems to have died, I like to pass through these parts every now and again and share something potentially useful and timely! Perhaps you’ve already met your new crew of 22-23 students – if so, I hope your year is off to a fabulous start! Here in Texas, I’ll get to meet my new students this week, and I can’t wait! 😃

No Texas math teacher wants to think about our state test (🌟STAAR🌟) now… in August… but we must! This year, students will experience a plethora of new item types, and there’s no time like the present to plan for this, especially when there’s already a free assessment tool that can help! isn’t new. It’s lacking in bells and whistles, but it sure does a lot of amazing things! I’ve been a ThatQuiz user for 10+ years and I’m still stumbling upon features that I never knew existed! I’ve come a long way, and feel confident that I can create assessment questions that look very much like what our students will see on this year’s STAAR for the first time. Thanks to, my students will experience these item types all year, and by the time STAAR arrives, they’ll be ready! I appreciate that there’s a new level of rigor coming to STAAR!

I’d love to share my ThatQuiz learning curve with you through a few resources I’ve created. Firstly, if you’ve never heard of ThatQuiz, here’s a 10-minute intro video that will get you started.

If you’re most interested in learning how to create a few assessment questions that function like the new 22-23 math STAAR questions, here are some brief ThatQuiz video tutorials.

Drag and Drop Using ThatQuiz

Create a Text Entry Question Using ThatQuiz

Create Graphing Assessment Questions Using ThatQuiz

Finally, if you’re dedicated to a ThatQuiz LONG HAUL, I created a sort of self-paced “course” using Desmos Activity Builder. This is not designed to be a sit-down-for-an-hour-and-learn-all-the-things experience. This Activity/Course is more of a guide to explore at your own comfortable pace, and consider a reference when you need a refresher. Shoot, I even come back to it and reread my own tutorials to remember some of this stuff! It’s a LOT, so don’t get overwhelmed, friends! Take your time, do a little here and there, and try some things out with your students in bite-sized chunks.

Would love to hear about your journey using ThatQuiz with students!

🎉Happy New Year, Teachers! Have a fabulous 22-23!

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