In the middle…

Tell someone you’re a math teacher, and they often cringe, sharing about their own math anxiety and the whole “I-was-never-good-at-math” speech.

Mention that you not only teach math to middle school students, but that you prefer to do so, and they often stare in speechless disbelief.

Teaching math in the middle school… it’s what I love to do.

My name is Cathy Yenca, and starting a blog has been on my to-do list for several years. Inspired by this list of front-runners in the math education blog-o-sphere, I hope to share triumphs and failures, strategies and resources, and gain back some of the collaboration opportunities I’ve lost, particularly this school year (budget cuts and restructuring have left teachers feeling quite on our own little islands for these first few weeks of school).  I know you’re out there – you who also thrive on the middle school energy and love to implement lessons in creative, innovative ways.  Let’s put our brains together!  Thanks for stopping by.  🙂


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