M.I.A. Stats

As far as blogging, I have been M.I.A. since Pi Day!  Here are some stats that may clarify my absence:

1,662 – the number of miles we drove from Allentown to Austin

100 – an under-estimate for the number of Austin homes shown to us by our most gracious realtor

55 – the number of nights we stayed in a hotel suite before closing on a house

15 – the number of days we have been unpacking and settling in to our new house!

144 – the number of awesome 8th graders I teach at Hill Country Middle School

2 – the number of preps I have! (those still teaching in Bethlehem will understand just how amazing this statistic is!)

1/2 – the portion of a John Lemon “Hey Cupcake!” I can consume on SoCo

1/1,000,000 – these opportunities for our family here in Austin, TX!

It has been a non-stop state of busy-body-ness (coining the term in case it doesn’t exist) since we decided to make this move, but I can see sunny days at the pool, Zilker Park, and Barton Springs on the horizon!  And if you are wondering, all of those rumors about Austin traffic are true.  😉

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