Yes, I Really DO Use Algebra in Real Life

Labor Day weekend is upon us!  What a great first week of school I have had.  I have never, ever been thanked by so many students as they exit my classroom every day.  I am really enjoying the manners of my new 8th graders – they rock!

After a great week of teaching, I came home to my usual cup of hot tea and checked my e-mail.  As I was reading through all the Labor Day Weekend promotions in my inbox, I saw a great coupon code for 30% off of a purchase of $30 or more for Bath & Body Works.  It’s about time to start stocking up on great fall antibacterial scents, so I took the bait and went to the website.

Why do they ALWAYS price things so that the total is $29.97 and the code won’t work? DOH!

I wasn’t about to pay for another $3.33 bottle of soap without breaking out some Algebra skills.  A secret section of the website featured summer soap scents for $2.75 each.

That’s it Bath & Body Works… it is ON!

I grabbed a post-it note and wrote 2.75x + 3.33y = 30 and started weighing my options.

What would you do?  What do you think I did?  😉




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