Screen Shot 2013-07-23 at 6.13.26 PMWhat do you call a room full of people who are crazy about education, innovation, and technology?  The Apple Distinguished Educator Institute!

When I found out I could count myself among the ADE Class of 2013, I was ecstatic.  I knew a week of PD hosted by Apple would exceed any of my expectations… and I was right.  From the moment the new class of ADEs was welcomed, to the moment we were honored at the closing banquet, every session and event was carefully crafted to help facilitate an environment of sharing, learning, and connecting with like-minded educators.

At the start, Rebecca Stockley helped a room full of type-A personalities relax a bit and realize that we “don’t have to be awesome every second.”  Learning sessions on a variety of tech-relevant topics extended our knowledge in new ways.  Meeting folks that are developing many current tech tools was exciting and humbling, especially when they asked us for feedback!  Speaking of feedback… working with and providing feedback in PLNs was priceless – I was blessed to work with an amazing group of kindred-spirited Canadians that I most likely would never have met were it not for the decision to unite ADEs from the U.S., Canada and Mexico in one Institute this year.

Screen Shot 2013-07-23 at 6.13.34 PMAs my eyelids grow heavy typing this post, so does my heart.  The excitement and exhaustion of an ADE Institute can’t be represented effectively in written or spoken word.  What I can share are resources to help others connect with ADEs and join in on the amazing work that’s happening from this group of educators.  Here are a few resources to check out:

Visit ADEs on iTunes U here.

Search Twitter for the hashtag #ADE2013

Read reflections from other ADEs here.

Watch this video.

Use this ThingLink to virtually connect with some of the awesome educators I had the pleasure of meeting and working with in person.

I am so thankful for Twitter, blogs, iTunes U, and countless mediums that erase the miles between myself and my new friends.  I hope that you will take advantage of connecting with ADEs as well.  Let’s keep growing that PLN and sharing all the great things we’re doing to benefit our students across the globe!

P.S.  ADEs don’t just do technology and education… check out this video!

Also, thank you Keith Mitchell for sharing photos from the Institute that will help us all relive the experience again and again (two of which are “framed” and posted above).


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