#2minPD Project: Using ThingLink for Pre-Teaching

Thanks to a connection fostered by my pal Guido over at Nearpod, I found out about a unique opportunity to do global professional development in 2 minutes flat.  The #2minPD project is the brain-child of Stanford fellow Melissa Pelochino, whose goal is to reach 1,000,000 educators per day with relevant #2minPD videos.  These short-and-sweet vids are currently being created, collected, and curated with a bigger purpose of global sharing described here.

You know that cool strategy you do with your students that you think is “normal”?  I’ve learned over and over again that my “normal” is not necessarily everyone’s “normal”.  That thing that you think is “nothing”… that isn’t worth sharing… that thing that you just *do* because it’s what you do…?  The #2minPD project is a grand opportunity to share that thing with the world.  Let’s get some great math examples out there!

If you create a video, I’d love for you to post your link in the comments.  Learning and sharing classroom strategies in this manner can have a huge impact!  Besides, folks definitely have 2 minutes to spare.  🙂

Here’s my first #2minPD video – hoping to create more!

Screen Shot 2014-04-20 at 8.31.28 PM


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