IMG_7855I can’t put my finger on it, but I’m going through some kind of teaching rite-of-passage.

For the first year ever, I had no butterflies in my stomach the first day of school.  No nerves, at all.

I’ve worked with my students for only 9 days, and somehow, I feel like I’ve been working with them much longer than that (meant in a positive way, *NOT* in a “has-it-only-been-9-days-with-these-kids?” way).

I’ve never been a shy teacher, or one who holds back enthusiasm or energy, but this year just feels different… and I like it.

Perhaps it’s because I knew my first teaching job in Pennsylvania in the late 1990s would come to an abrupt end when my husband and I started a family.  We knew the plan was for me to stay home awhile.  Did I ever really settle in?

Maybe it’s because when I transitioned from at-home-mom to my “math coaching” days in PA, I knew my position was grant-funded, so that feeling of being “temporary” and “optional” was ever-present.

Photo from my first year of teaching – gotta love that orange carpet at Shawnee Middle School!

Screen Shot 2014-09-06 at 7.49.30 AM

Literacy Fair “Poster Session” at Northeast Middle School, Bethlehem PA, when I was a “coach”

I think I am finally claiming a home.

I may sound all “rose-colored-glasses” here, but I can’t say enough how thankful I am to be doing what I’m doing.

In 9 days, my students and I have already begun to build relationships that will carry us successfully through the year.  Two “back to school nights” brought the most positive and supportive parents to my classroom to visit.  I’m hosting a (sweet!) student-teacher again this year, and one of our lessons this week moved her nearly to tears when a student expressed his enthusiasm openly for what he was learning.

So, I’m not showcasing a digital tool, math lesson strategy, or student work samples today.  Instead, I’m simply pausing to smile, humbled by this thing I have the privilege of doing.  May every teacher experience this exhausting and fulfilling bliss.


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4 Responses to Different.

  1. Cristina says:

    Cathy, own it! I read an article about what type of teachers parents want for their kids and you meet those expectations. You continue to grow intellectually, share enthusiam for the content and love what you do! Have an awesome year!

  2. Melissa says:

    Cathy, I’m loving your blog and all of the tips and tricks you post. You’re going to have an incredible year and I can’t wait to be inspired because of it. 🙂

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