ADE Academy #ADE2017 – Unforgettable!

This was my first opportunity to attend an Apple Distinguished Educator Academy that welcomed in a new class of ADEs.  I’ve been looking forward to returning as an alumna while having the chance to welcome a new crew, and I’m especially glad I was chosen to be in Houston this year!


Reuniting with other alumni!

It’s always great to connect with kindred spirits in person!  Many of us live all over the country, and bringing us together in one space ignites an energy that can’t be fully replicated virtually!


Being *wowed* at how the new 2017 class dove right in!

So many 2017-ers were quick to collaborate and share!  I had a blast getting to know my 2017-er roomie Kristen Brooks, and enjoyed her 3-minute showcase, as well as many other new classmates who were absolutely fearless on stage!  And while I’m at it…


Sharing my own 3-minute ADE Showcase (with 2 seconds to spare!)

I felt ready to take on that pesky red 3-minute timer this year, and had 2 seconds left to smile before leaving the stage, ha!  Check out the recording I made of my talk (shared below), inspired by a mini-keynote given by Adam Phyall at iPadpalooza ATX last year.

Creating with Clips!

Our project this year was to create resources using the new iOS Clips app and share them with the world.  Search #ADE2017 and #ClassroomClips and you’ll see a sampling of the work that’s already being shared!  I included my first three attempts at creating with Clips below (inspired in no small part by Jo Boaler and resources available at  I’m hoping to use these brief Clips during the first few days of school to help frame my classroom as one where mistakes are valued, struggle is real (but GOOD), and communication is respectful and constructive.  Feel free to use these as well!


Learning from Ben!

I’ll admit it – I adore using Keynote to create… well… EVERYTHING.  However, Ben Mountz raised the bar and had us all gaping in awe when he shared his Magic Move 3-Minute Showcase.  Check it out for yourself below!

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Well, after witnessing this talk live, we were all wanting to know… *how* did Ben create those Keynote portraits of so many ADE “heroes”?  And… Ben was kind enough to oblige:

I was so inspired and excited to give this a go, that I recorded my first attempt!

Alas, as in real life, sometimes a bad hair day is best handled by starting over… 🙂

AND NOW… Why the ADE 2017 Class has ultimate bragging rights

henceforth… summed up in one word…


Our guest speaker was THE Sady Paulson!  If you haven’t heard, she is one of the most inspiring women on the planet.  Check out this sampling of her work:

Sady was kind enough to share a heartfelt talk with all of us, telling of her own triumphs and how Apple technology has empowered her to fulfill her giftings and dreams. She was a joy to meet in person, and her super smile is about the most contagious thing there is!  After Sady shared her stories with all of us, she was surprised by a special announcement… the new ADE class of 125 was about to become 126!  Welcome, Sady!

It was truly OUR honor to hang out with you in person!  Keep up the fantastic work!

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Learn more about Apple Distinguished Educators here!

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