#MathResourceRoundup – Pythagorean Theorem

I thought it would be fun (and useful!) to choose upcoming math topics and share resources we love to use with students as we explore these topics. I don’t use everything I find or create every year, but it’s nice to have options at arm’s length when I’m planning and while I’m teaching. Consider this a compilation rather than a comprehensive or cohesive plan. As a matter of fact, I’d love to hear how you use these, or other resources!

A glance at what my Numbers Doc might look like on any given week. I’m always adding to it as folks create and share relevant resources!

{An aside… I like to keep track of such resources using an Apple Numbers document. So many folks share on Twitter using #iteachmath and #MTBoS, and much of what’s shared may not be immediately relevant for my students, but WILL be relevant eventually. It’s been a lifesaver to add these as they come my way to my own Numbers document so I remember them when I’m planning. I literally copy and paste the links to the resources on the specific day(s) I might use them in the future, so they’re ready to consider as I plan each unit/week/day.

Here’s a blank template of the Numbers document.  Each document serves as a place to plan a 9-week quarter. Each week in the quarter has its own tab at the top, and since I teach two courses, each course has its own row of cells for the week at hand. If I didn’t have this template, I’d probably forget about 80% of the goodies you and I have already created! Using this template has helped streamline lesson planning!}

Today’s #MathResourceRoundup Math 8 topic is the Pythagorean Theorem!

STAND & TALK – Squares and triangles visual

I created this using Apple’s Keynote, and I love using Apple Classroom to airdrop the image to every student’s iPad so they can “Stand & Talk” about the things they notice. Just used this today!

  • VIDEO – Visual representation of the Pythagorean Theorem (Kyle Pearce)
  • VIDEO – Visual Pythagorean Theorem demonstration using water
  • VIDEO – Millionaire game show Pythagorean faux pas
  • VIDEO – Wizard of Oz Pythagorean faux pas
  • DESMOS ACTIVITY – Pythagorean Practice (Andrew Stadel)
  • DESMOS ACTIVITY – Pythagorean Triples and Similar Triangles (Michele Torres)
  • DESMOS ACTIVITY – Distance (Andrew Stadel)
  • KAHOOT! – Pythagorean Triples (Cathy Yenca)
  • KAHOOT! – Pythagorean Problem Solving (Cathy Yenca)
  • KAHOOT! – Distance Between Two Points (Cathy Yenca)
  • SOCRATIVEDistance in the Coordinate Plane – import with code SOC-32315155 (Cathy Yenca)
  • iBOOK – Learn Pythagorean Theorem Through Exploration (Kyle Pearce)
  • MATH TASK – Pythagorean Theorem Pile-Up (Michelle Rinehart)

Are there Pythagorean Theorem resources you use every year that I might have missed?

Add your favorites to the comments!

Have a great idea about how you’d use a resource in a unique way?

Share your tips here!

And… I’m curious… how do you keep track of lesson plans and resources?

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5 Responses to #MathResourceRoundup – Pythagorean Theorem

  1. Dianne Grupp says:


    You-tube: Pythagoras in 2 minutes

    thanks for all you do!

  2. Joanne Ward says:

    Hi Mrs. Yenca!!

    This is amazing! I still remember your tweet with the paperback lesson planner full of posit-notes before Numbers came to rescue. I am so honored to be able to peek into your Numbers lesson plans – neat, clear and down to the points! What a nice method. I guess it’s time to abandon lengthy lesson plans!

    Thank you for the templates and links to all kinds of good stuff. Thank you for sharing!

    • Cathy Yenca says:

      You’re kind (as always!)

      It took me a full year to transition from post-its and paper to a Numbers file, and I would never go back! Since so many resources are accessible via link, having a digital plan is SO MUCH EASIER! I can click on the links and have the open tabs all set up and ready to go for my students. I spend much LESS time looking around for links and files, and now that I have a (forever draft) of my plans done for all 4 quarters… I can paste new things right where they belong, no matter when they come my way. I no longer forget what I’ve created, and what others have been kind enough to create and share. Using iCloud also assures me that I can always add to these documents… whether I’m at school or at home!

  3. Mary Ann Shimer says:

    Pythagorean Spirals! Mathy Art that brings out the best- I am amazed at my students’ creativity!

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