“Lead & Learn” with “Stand & Talks” Across Content Areas

Several weeks back, our middle school teachers had the opportunity to #BeLikeFred (Rogers) in our #EanesNeighborhood – to either “Lead Like Fred” or “Learn Like Fred” during one of our early release (PD) days. I chose to “Lead Like Fred” and share about my experiences using Sara VanDerWerf’s “Stand & Talks”.

Thanks to all of the resources Sara generously shares, I was able to use her blog post, my own classroom experiences, and the hope that teachers who teach all content areas would see the value in using this strategy with their own students to plan my sessions.

I created a brief promotional video to share on our Lead & Learn FlipGrid. (An aside worth mentioning – I used Apple’s Clips app to create this video. Explore the hashtag #ClassroomClips to find more examples of videos that educators and students are creating using Clips!)


Students will SEE it before I SHOW them.

Students will SAY it before I TELL them.

~Sara VanDerWerf

I shared about Sara’s blog post and powerful “GOAL”, my own classroom stories, and examples and ideas that might help teachers who do not teach math to give their students the opportunity to Stand & Talk too. I gave the teachers in the room several opportunities to “Stand & Talk” with one another during our session.

I’ve heard feedback from math, science, Latin, and history teachers that they’ve already begun using Stand & Talks with their own students with success! YAY!

I’ve included static images of some of my #Keynote slides from the sessions, instructions for using Apple Classroom to AirDrop images to students, and a “Getting Started Menu” for the teachers as a take-away. Several slides are shared below as images.

I’d love to hear how you and your colleagues (mathy or not!) are using Sara’s Stand & Talks with students!

A million THANK YOUS to Sara VanDerWerf!

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5 Responses to “Lead & Learn” with “Stand & Talks” Across Content Areas

  1. Joanne Ward says:

    Dear Mrs. Yenca!! :))))

    Awwww!! So many wonderful resources! 🙂
    I love the way you use Apple clips, too:)
    It’s wonderful to hear your voice AGAIN and know that you will always be there to support teaching and learning.

    Thank you so much for sharing your slides. After reading this post, I tried the Stand and Talk strategy this past week. Though students were not so used to stand up and talk- they questioned: “can we just sit down and talk?”-, I still received vocal feedback from students. That was an exciting moment.

    Thank you again for continuing to share. I feel like I am a @mathycathy/mathycathy.com/#yencafied raised math educator! 🙂

    • Cathy Yenca says:

      Hi, Joanne!

      It sounds like you and your students are on your way! I have had students request the same thing – to sit down and talk. I think it might be part of the process of teaching them a new classroom routine, and using our professional judgment with our own students is most important since we each know our kiddos! 🙂

      It took a little bit of time for them to see the value in standing versus sitting. Prompting them to “go talk to someone whose first name you’re not sure you know” or “find someone with whom you’ve never ‘stood and talked’ about math before” or “find someone with the same color shirt if you can” etc. etc. makes mixing up the “talkers” so interesting! I’d love to hear how things go when students begin to embrace the value of standing with partners! You and your students are awesome for trying a new classroom strategy together!

  2. Joanne says:

    Hi Mrs. Yenca,

    Wow! Thank you for your response! Thank you so much for continuing to teach me though the World Web World 🙂 I really appreciate it!

    Oh, I see! No wonder my students are reluctant to stand up. Prompting them is such a fun way to do it. I will try it next semester. This strategy is brilliant:) Thank you so much for taking time to help me:) I appreciate it very much!

  3. Leeanne Branham says:


    Thank you so much for sharing all of this! I am excited to use this with teachers in my district.
    Right now it looks like the link to your slides is broken. I would love to access these as I hope to share this next week.

    • Cathy Yenca says:

      And… apologies! I haven’t shared a link to slides, just some screenshots of several. The included link should go to a PDF menu that is set in Drive to “Anyone with link can view”. Help me know how I can help you. Be well Leeanne! 🙂

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