A Spontaneous Songify

While generalizing rules for multiplying rational numbers, a student had a memory of a little saying:

“Multiplying Fractions, that’s no problem!  Top times top and bottom times bottom!”

While I am not the biggest fan of gimmick-y math phrases, I seized the opportunity to use  an app during this teachable moment.  I told the students that it was time to Songify!  They hadn’t heard of the app (which totally surprised me) so I opened the app and had the entire class repeat the chant as I pressed “record”.

Songify takes spoken language and sets it to a beat in auto-tuner fashion.  We listened to multiple versions of our quick creation (that is to say, we re-songified, tee hee) until we were pleased with the results.

What a fun way to end class on a Friday, and I think I will be hearing our song in my sleep tonight!

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