iPad and thatquiz and QR Codes, Oh My!

Formative assessment – what a wonderful idea, but one that is not always easy to implement.  Well, today I feel like I had a formative breakthrough!

When my students were done with a unit test today, I projected a QR code for them to scan, which linked them to one of my favorite free sites for math skill help, thatquiz.org.

This past weekend, I used thatquiz.org to “create classes” and password-protect them.  Next, I assigned some “quizzes” that thatquiz.org generates on the spot, based on my constraints.  I chose some upcoming concepts and prior knowledge skills that would help with those concepts, namely, number theory, simplifying fractions, and fraction and decimal conversions.  Then, I used qrstuff.com to make the QR code for students to scan, linking them straight to their class’s thatquiz.org homepage.

When students finished their unit 1 tests, they tried a few of these “quizzes” at their seats, using their iPads.  I logged onto the thatquiz.org site from the teacher side of things, to “spy” on their real-time progress.  They thought it creepy that I could see just exactly what they were doing… I thought it fabulous!

I truly feel like I know what I’m in for as I start a new unit tomorrow.  Factors and multiples are all mixed up, though simplifying fractions is a strong skill.  How do I know?  I can see it right here on my iPad!

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