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ThinglinkTech guru Lisa Johnson introduced me to this fabulous resource right on time.  My students are beginning a geometry unit, and I can’t think of a better way to expose them to the voluminous vocabulary than using thinglink!  What is thinglink?  Check it out here.

To make my own creation, I designed a slide in Keynote with various geometric figures of interest.  I scanned the web for some links for students to explore, and quickly found that interactive iPad-friendly links for geometry topics are a bit sparse out there (sooo many great goodies rely on flash currently, boo!)  I did stumble upon which I found to be very refreshing with just enough dry humor for any middle-schooler to enjoy 😉  Plus, there are some iPad-friendly “exercises” built in for each geometry topic so students have a chance to quiz themselves along the way.  Nice!

I plan to use this thinglink tomorrow as an anchoring activity after students finish an assessment on the previous unit.  Once we can come together as a class and get started on the new content, my hope is that students have already become quite familiar with the thinglink content.  What a versatile little tool!
<> Have you used thinglink in the classroom?  Please share your ideas! *Update* thinglink anchoring activityThis was a great way to introduce the next unit as students finished a quiz today.  It was fun to watch them all clicking different topics and previewing the upcoming content.  I explained to them that this thinglink even serves as a nice little study guide for a future assessment.  I would love to create one or two of these for every chapter! After using the Shmoop website, I couldn’t resist showing this popular Seinfeld clip at the end of the class period.  No, YOU’RE Shmoopie! No, You’re Shmoopie!


P.P.S.  Here’s another ThingLink for exploring Scientific Notation topics too:  

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