Celebrating the 2014-15 School Year With Animoto

UnknownI shared this video with students and parents, with shout-outs on Twitter to many featured digital tools and resources that have become a regular part of my practice.  Thanks to every one of these tools, and the folks that keep improving them, for enhancing teaching and learning for my students, and for students around the world!

In New York, I knocked on Animoto's door, but alas, no one was home that day.

In New York, I knocked on Animoto’s door, but alas, no one was home that day.


In other news, I was so proud to learn this week that the Nearpod office in Miami now sports a feature wall with the faces of Nearpod-loving educators globally.  Honored to be included in this “Wall of Fame” among many respected educators!  Woot!      

As your school year comes to a close, I wish you much rest and relaxation, and I hope to connect with you in person at iPadpalooza here in Austin, or ISTE in Philadelphia!

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