How do you study for math? You DO math.

Actually “doing” math is a highly effective studying strategy… who knew?  😉

Kind of reminds me of an epiphany one of my former 7th grade students had years ago.  The conversation went like this:

Him:  Mrs. Yenca!  I finally figured out the secret to doing well in your class!”

Me:  Really?”

Him: YES!!”

Me:  What’s the secret?”

Him (serious as a heart attack): Pay attention!”

We are roughly a month away from the STAAR Algebra 1 E.O.C. exam, so I hope my students have been paying attention, and have bought into my mantra:

Me: How do you study for math?”

Them, in unison: You DO MATH!

Here is a ThingLink I created to facilitate the “DOING” of math.  It would be great to add other resources that are printable or iPad-friendly.  Suggestions?

A fun aside… I encountered this doozy in a problem set from the Algebra textbook my students and I currently (rarely) use, and Tweeted my amusement…

…to be met with pure poetry, over which I am still giggling as I type (you must click the link to Christopher’s wp blog to truly appreciate the poetry aspect):

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2 Responses to How do you study for math? You DO math.

  1. David Taub says:

    You were looking for practice resources that work on the ipad – you could try a recent google app I made that requires algebraic thinking (the problems can be reasoned through or solved using a system of linear equations).

    Here’s the link if you think it might be of ineterest:

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