Nearpod (Free) Downloads – New Homework Feature Too!

Thanks to my Twitter-bud @RafranzDavis, I just realized Nearpod published another of my Nearpod presentations on their “store”!  And… thanks to the Nearpod Authors program, there’s a growing library of classroom-ready Nearpod presentations on lots of topics, free for the downloading!

Please check out my latest, “Solving Radical Equations“!


Later this week, I look forward to presenting the “Classifying Polynomials” NPP to my students by using the new “homework” feature on Nearpod!  I’ll be at a meeting, but my students will still be able to experience the lesson without me!

With the new “homework” feature, students are given a unique Nearpod PIN as in the past… yet this time, rather than waiting for Screen Shot 2013-04-30 at 9.59.48 PMme to control the flow of the NPP, students will *finally* have that swiping control they crave.  Interactive features within the NPP are fully functioning for students, and my hope (since I am brand new at this feature too) is that I’ll be able to login to the teacher side to view all of their data!  Great feature to use with a substitute when the teacher can’t be there, and even better for students to review after a lesson at their own pace!

Photo Skitch DocumentNearpod, once again, you ROCK!


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2 Responses to Nearpod (Free) Downloads – New Homework Feature Too!

  1. Amy Hawkins says:

    How do you create your slides for your near pod presentations? They are so cute and engaging for MS students! Thanks for sharing!

    • Cathy Yenca says:

      Hi Amy,

      I create my slides using Keynote on my Mac – there are a lot of visually-pleasing options in there! Once I make the slides, I save the presentation as a PDF and upload it to Nearpod. Then, I add the interactive pieces (like the “Draw” feature or polls and quizzes). Hope that helps!

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