Don’t Wait For PD – Join Twitter

imagesI initially signed up for Twitter several years ago.

Upon joining, I sent my first Tweet along the lines of:

“I signed up for Twitter… now what do I do?”

And there my account sat, untouched, for several years.

Fast-forward to July 2012…  (I downloaded my Twitter archives to see when I actually started using Twitter to connect with other educators.)    It is sincerely hard to believe I’ve had Twitter in my professional life for less than a year!


Because, Twitter has helped me connect with other educators who are just as passionate and crazy as I am about mathematics, education, technology, and most importantly, students!  I learn so much that I can hardly remember what I did without Twitter.  Connecting with people and content through Twitter is a regular, daily part of my practice.  Here are a few highlights of specific ways Twitter has impacted me, and can impact you too:

1) Twitter helps me reflect about teaching and learning.


2) Twitter helps facilitate ongoing, relevant professional development.



3) Twitter helps me connect with educators worldwide – check out the Global Math Department! #globalmath


4) Twitter allows me to connect with app developers and make an impact on new tools by providing classroom feedback.


5) Twitter allows me to compare teaching strategies with other teachers in no time at all!

Would you believe a teacher in Canada, a teacher in California and I have made videos of how we teach factoring polynomials just to share with one another to compare methods?


6) Ever wish another teacher was in your classroom so you could laugh with someone else who “gets it”?  Twitter makes that happen too.


7) Twitter helps educators unite and know we’re not alone in our thinking!


8) Twitter helps me find quality resources I can use in my classroom tomorrow… then provides a platform to discuss how the resources impacted instruction.


Follow me, I’ll follow you, and let’s get learning!  

Also check out #mathchat and #ipaded as a few hashtags to get you started on finding other kindred spirits to follow.

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2 Responses to Don’t Wait For PD – Join Twitter

  1. Shaun says:

    I love the #mathchat hashtag! I’ve connected with so many other mathy people from that search alone! 🙂

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