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Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 9.20.59 AMI just got back to Austin after two weeks in Pennsylvania and New York visiting family and friends.  I hope your summer also affords you opportunities to relax, disconnect from devices, and reconnect with the people you care about most!

Since I’ve been on the road, I haven’t been a very good student of this summer’s ThingLink Teacher Challenge.  No pressure though!  The ThingLink Teacher Challenge is a weekly free summer PD opportunity that you can join at any time, or just lurk to get ideas on ways to use ThingLink this fall with your new batch of kiddos.

This week’s ThingLink Teacher Challenge was to create a flipped lesson and give the brand new ThingLink for Video feature a try.  Instead of first using this new tool to teach a math lesson (I told you I’ve been a bad summer PD student), I created a fun re-cap to highlight an amazing ride from my visit to Pittsburgh’s Kennywood Park.  (Never been there? You should go!)  I’ve always been a coaster and thrill-ride fanatic and my 9-year-old son seems to have the same itch.  That’s us on the Black Widow!

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 9.15.45 AM

ThingLink for Video was simple to use.  First, I did some minor editing in iMovie.  I uploaded the video to YouTube, and entered the YouTube URL when prompted by ThingLink for Video.  Then, I was able to drag “nubbins” into the video at specific spots, making them visible for 5, 10 or 15 seconds.  Every nubbin forced a URL to be entered, even though I wanted a few of the nubbins to show text only.  ThingLink for Video limits the number of characters that are visible for each nubbin as well.  Since the nubbins defaulted to black font and a black background, I tried to customize colors using this.  The background changed to red, and the font changed to yellow (which is much better) but I didn’t enter values that were supposed to result in red or yellow (odd).  Maybe there’s another way to adjust the color on the nubbins and text?  Suggestions welcome!

I think ThingLink for Video has classroom potential.  I wonder if I might prefer using EdPuzzle instead because it affords assessment opportunities?  Perhaps each tool will have a place.  Check out my first ThingLink for Video project below.

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