ADE Institute Highlights #ADE2014

photo367 Apple Distinguished Educators from 31 countries met for five days in San Diego, California last week, and I was honored to be counted among them.  This year’s institute was a unique experience because each of us wore a “learner hat” all week as we became “citizen scientists”.  Incredible off-site experiences were balanced with on-site workshops and time for collaboration.  And food.  Lots of food.  😉  Thanks to all who planned every meticulous detail of a truly memorable experience.

My 45 seconds of fame on the big screen at #ADE2014!


To catch a glimpse of memories made, check out my first ever “sketch note” created with Paper by FiftyThree and embellished with media thanks to ThingLink.  Click around to access resources… especially if you teach science!  Here’s to the lifelong learners and friendships that make being an ADE an every day event.

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