Twitter Hodge-Podge

Lately, busy days lead to spits and spurts of reflection and PD rather than lengthy blog posts.  I love this time of year – I feel like my students and I know each other well, and expectations are clear all around.  We’re in the groove, and so much is happening at lightning speed that sometimes a quick Tweet is more feasible than hanging out here.

I’m so thankful for folks on Twitter, and all the right-on-time resources and inspiration that happen there seemingly every hour of the day!  Likewise, knowing I can throw an idea out there and receive immediate feedback continues to shape my practice.

Here are a few recent highlights, in no particular order… just the way they happen on Twitter.  If you’re not over there, you should be! 🙂

1) A scatterplot intro activity (link to editable file below):


2) Math and ketchup:

3) Math in the bathroom: 

4) A great article:

 5) A Nearpod for exploring volume of cylinders: 

6)  Insight and influence on current apps.  My students went absolutely crazy when Qrafter disabled all timed video ads in their app because they (my students) spoke up and we took the issue straight to Twitter!  Thanks to Qrafter for considering and removing the distraction that long, timed, video ads would be in our classroom!


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4 Responses to Twitter Hodge-Podge

  1. Dan Meyer says:

    More hodge podge posts please!

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