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Happy ULTIMATE Pi Day! 3/14/15 9:26

My students celebrated Pi Day on Pi Day Eve.  Every year, I give students a Pi Day greeting card summarizing a brief history of pi.  When I ask them, “Why is pi slightly larger than 3? Why isn’t it a little … Continue reading

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Book Creator and Advocacy: A Summer eBook Project About Food Allergies

I’m going to prominently wear my “mom hat” for this post. My son has severe food allergies.  In a day and age where this is more prevalent than ever (unfortunately) I’ve found the best way to protect those who have … Continue reading

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Move Over Harlem Shake… It’s Quadratic Formula Time

I love teaching mathematics, but I have to tell you… teachers of other subjects seem to be able to use iPads to make a lot more “fun” and “creative” projects than I have ventured to try for Algebra and Pre-Algebra … Continue reading

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