Some Top 4’s – Another “Reflecting on 2014” Post

Reflect‘Tis the season for reflection and hopefully a bit of relaxation.  I’ve taken a break from math and ed-tech the past few weeks to spend QT with family (some days I took a break from just about everything… darn you, flu).  Exhaling is good – this post was an appropriate read for me.  Balance is important.  When you’re passionate, sometimes balance is tough.

Before I place my teacher-hat back on my head next week, and hit the ground running for another semester, I wanted to pause and share a few favorites from 2014.  Every year I work with students, blog, and spend time reading others’ blogs and tweets, I get more excited to try new things and improve.  So many folks and tools have helped equip me to be better so my students can be better.  I’m grateful to continue learning and growing, and I’m thankful to be a small piece in the vast Math-Twitter-Blog-o-Sphere.

Some 2014 Top 4’s

Top 4 Events Spent Connecting With Other Educators IN PERSON in 2014

SXSWedu 2014


iPadpalooza 2014

ADE 2014


Top 4 Math Playdates

Big Nickel

Ice Bucket Challenge

Radical Nearpod Art

Kahoot Meets Desmos


Top 4 Tools for Assessment 






Top 4 Tools/Strategies for Student-Created Content

Explain Everything

Book Creator


Story Time 


Looking ahead to 2015…

Top Tools I Want to Use in 2015



Desmos Polygraph Activities

Freebies from NCTM 


Events I Can’t Wait to Spend Connecting With Other Educators IN PERSON (Will you be there?)

iPadpalooza 2015

ISTE 2015

NCTM Nashville Regional Conference 2015


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