Twitter Hodge-Podge 2.0

I don’t think I’m the only blogger who’s fallen off of the blog bandwagon lately.  It’s so cliche to talk about how “busy” teachers are, but sheesh… we are!  I am!  And happily so… though blogging becomes the sacrifice at times.  Nonetheless, here are a few goodies you may have missed.

This guy has inspired me to improve the ways I’m using Desmos with students.  Michael’s work is amazing, and you should check it out:

A Lego investigation?!?  Yes please Mr. Orr!  Comprehensive resources included!

A collaborative effort with my pal Kyle Pearce to show students multiple ways to factor a quadratic trinomial using “Silent Solutions” quick videos:

FREE Nearpod lessons to help those searching for “Financial Literacy” resources:

A 3-Act proposition that involves a city stroll to an Austin icon (weather here has been surprisingly yucky, but I WILL TEST THIS!)

Some ideas for paying homage to next week’s ULTIMATE Pi Day!  Something I missed?  Let me know and I’ll add your link to this ThingLink (which can easily be embedded on your website for students to access): 

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