iPadpalooza Reflections #iplza16

iPadpalooza: the annual, local conference learning festival that feels like a destination conference learning festival!

Though iPadpalooza Austin takes place in Eanes ISD where I teach, having so many out-of-town guests partake and present made #iplza16 feel out of this world… or perhaps the Star Wars theme did that? 🙂  I was so proud to see many of my local colleagues presenting and sharing as well.  Additionally, I was pumped to be able to share a taste of what my students and the #MTBoS are up to!

minikeynoteathoniplza16Being invited to participate in the Mini-Keynote-a-Thon was an honor!  Being sandwiched between talks delivered by Tracy Clark and George Couros was a thrill!  I shared an abridged version of my NCTM Nashville Regional talk about the “snowball effect” the #MTBoS can have if folks are willing to Tweet/blog/share about what’s happening in their own “educational spaces”.  My talk can be viewed here.  The entire Mini-Keynote-A-Thon can be viewed here.

Sessions I attended:

The iPadpalooza 2016 Mini-Keynotathon

The Key(note) to Creativity with April Requard

Leveraging the Power of Digital Assistants with Felix Jacomino

Mobile Device Management and Apple Classroom with Chris Miller

Six Word Stories, Six Unique Shots with Don Goble

Designing Mobile Learning Experiences for Professional Development with Kurt Klynen and Christine DiPaulo

Keynote – Cathy Hunt

Explain Everything Jedi Master Class: Create, Collaborate, Share, and Discover with Reshan Richards

I presented a session entitled Creation, Assessment and Voice! Digital Content Creation Tools For Teachers… and Students! (Emphasis on Book Creator, Explain Everything, and ThingLink)

SWAT: Students Working to Advance Technology swift talk with April Requard

How Can We Improve Memory? with Lisa Johnson and Natalie Cannon

Keynote – Austin Kleon

UnConference Session 1: Apple Classroom with Tim Yenca and Shannon Soger

iPad – Bonus Features and Behind the Scenes with Tim Yenca and Shannon Soger

Ending Keynote & Film Festival Wrap-up featuring iPad Magician Simon Pierro

Themes I walked away with this year:

  1. Share about what you are doing – think social media so many folks can benefit and be inspired!
  2. Share what students are doing.
  3. Make sure students are creating, not simply consuming.  Give them a voice and opportunities to showcase their work.

After hearing Austin Kleon’s keynote, I’ve read both of his books and found them to be both inspiring and affirming.  You should check them out!

Folks have done a fine job collecting Tweets of the entire iPadpalooza #iplza16 experience.

Hope to see you in 2017!

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  1. Great post, my first time here and been reading 3 great posts so far, loving it!!

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