#SXSWedu 2014 – Highlights

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I just attended my first SXSWedu Conference & Festival.  I’ve never wanted to clone myself more.  I was on choice-overload from day one.  I’m not complaining – I’m simply trying to express how up-my-alley so many of the topics sounded upon reviewing their descriptions.

For past conferences, I chose sessions based on their titles and descriptions, but I found myself looking for the names of familiar presenters as a priority this time.  It was great to see so many colleagues-from-across-the-miles come together in person.  Several of my Twitter-only virtual friends became in-person friends too.  Love that.  I have found my people – it’s great to have friendly faces to “geek” with.

I also had the chance to meet folks from Querium and Nearpod whom I’d only known virtually prior to SXSWedu.  I’m thankful to have had opportunities to work with such classy people on projects that further math education in this exciting 21st century.

How can I sum up four days of ed tech bliss?  No matter the medium, it will fall short of actually being there (goes without saying) but here’s my attempt.  These are sessions I attended first-hand, and you can experience their essence.

Red “nubbins” highlight the session title, and link back to the SXSWedu schedule page, which provides more detail about the session and presenters.

Blue “nubbins” link to additional resources provided in the session.

Twitter “nubbins” will help you get connected with the presenters, as well as search Twitter for that session’s hashtag to see archived conversations online.

Exclamation point “nubbins” provide my biggest take-away from each session.

Did you attend #SXSWedu?  What was your biggest take-away?

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