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Why Blog? Then vs. Now

Inspired by this post by Dan Meyer, an abrupt question from a colleague, and the fact that the ticker at the bottom of this page surpassed 1,000,000 earlier this week, the question of “why blog?” is a timely one. Yes, … Continue reading

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Weird Stuff Kids Think

My Algebra students completed a cooperative quadratic QR-code walk-about type task the other day.  They could work with a partner, use a graphing calculator, Desmos, the HMH Fuse app, their homework, notes… everything.  They scanned various QR-codes, which revealed practice … Continue reading

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ThingLink as Collaborative Work Space

I saw this ThingLink and was immediately inspired to give the strategy a try.  Why not create a ThingLink to serve as a “collaborative plane” for my students?  I jazzed up a “Unit Organizer” from the “Strategic Instruction Model” with some … Continue reading

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I may or may not know the math teacher in this video, featured by Querium in their first-ever Tweet… Querium Corporation Launches TSI Math Prep for the New Texas College Placement Assessment — QueriumCorp (@QueriumCorp) February 5, 2014

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